Bo Mirhosseni

Ray-Ban // Glue

A film about love, relationships and phones.
Cast: Haley Ramm // Peter Williams // John Ennis // Veronica Bloom // Keenan Henson
Music: Anderson .Paak
Production Company: The Devil You Know
Agency: Yours Truly
EP: Simon Wallon & Don Block
Director Bo Mirosseni
Written by: Bo Mirosseni & Brian C. Thornton
Produced by: Thomas Leisten Schneider
Director of Photography: Jon Peter
Production Design: Clovis Chambaret
Editor: Bobby Gajic
Sound Designer: Joe Iemola
Stylist: Lauren Knudsen
Colorist: Beau Leon
VFX: Framestore
Make Up: Tara Loren & Dawn Subhasiriwatana

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